Custom Signs

Fully Customized Polyurethane Signs for Home, Cottage or Business
Made of polyurethane, they last longer than wood, and you would swear they were wood.
Use our INTERACTIVE ORDER FORM to design and preview your own sign!

TO ORDER - Preview Your Sign Design Below!

Use this INTERACTIVE ORDER FORM to order custom signs for home, cottage or business.
This will allow you to preview and print a copy of your sign before sending your order to us.


  1. Click on the parts of the sign in each section to change your design.
  2. Scroll down to see the work area which will update as you change the elements in your sign.
  3. You may alter your design as much as you wish before sending your order.
    Please note that not all design options are available for all signs.
  4. If you wish to keep a copy of your design, use the PRINT button in the work area to print your sign. This will open a dialog box for your printer settings. Set your printers' page orientation to LANDSCAPE for the largest possible printout.
  5. When your design is complete fill in your COMPLETE contact information below before submitting your order. All fields are required except FAX Number and E-mail address. If you need to return to the form to fill in missing information you will need to design your sign again.

Sign Prices (in order shown below):

SB1 & SB2 - $100 • SB3 for text only - $125• SB4 & SB5 - $180 • SB8 - $200

Prices in $CDN - Shipping charges apply to all orders

Prices in $CDN - Shipping charges apply to all orders. A 10% deposit is required on all custom sign orders.